5 Unexpected Sources For Generating Leads

Gone are the days of daunting cold calling. Forget the days where you’ve already been rejected before you even had a chance to say hello. Here are the unexpected sources of leads and clients you can actually make use of.

The surprising thing is you’ve probably spent or been spending some time utilizing these platforms and resources, but have never realized its potential to generate leads for your business.

Discussion Forums such as Reddit

Engage with your like-minded people through online forums and you’ll be impressed with how it can actually get you legitimate referrals or recommendations. You can also fake it by posing as someone who needs help.

Go over the comments and you should be able to fish a handful of recommendations from those people who share same the passion and niche with you.

Engage in LIVE Discussions

There are online groups and pages which every now and then would host discussions on topics which may benefit you both as a member and a group administrator.

Podcasts, Masterclasses and More

This can come in a form of a Podcast, a LIVE Facebook show or Instagram video. Generate enough audience and it should gather a few inquiries about your expertise.

Going live gets rid of the anonymity and cements one’s credibility versus just receiving a cold-email or direct message through other channels.

Guest in a Blog

Similar to engaging in LIVE discussions online, discuss your field of expertise in a blog which will surely target your ideal audience. This covers the downsides of LIVE discussions as they are rarely documented unless meticulously watched over and over again.

Blogs would leave a sort of blue-print of what you’ve shared and often becomes an easy reference to those who may inquire about what you can offer. This will also open an avenue for possible referrals through word-of-mouth.

Publish an Article

Similar to guesting in a blog, however this one is published through your direct page or business platform, it can be a Social Media page of your business or through LinkedIn, or lastly at your own website.

This works hand in hand with guesting in blogs as you could serve as back links for each other which is good for SEO. Having enough published works could help attest and showcase your expertise in your chosen service or craft. This would also get rid of the cloud of doubt of being a self-proclaimed expert.

Put Your Business out There
Social Media platforms are no longer limited for personal use. These platforms have provided unlimited access to the world and exposure of one’s endeavors and businesses.

Business Pages

Facebook has allowed business pages so as not to blur the lines between one’s personal and professional life. Make use of these platform by engaging and expanding your audience reach. As in most case it is a numbers game, increase your numbers to increase your chance of closing a deal.

Join Online Groups

Similar to discussion online forums this one however makes it easier to specifically target an audience which exactly matches or if not close to one’s niche. One man’s weakness may be another’s strengths. Fellow members often run to these groups to ask for help, often times to pass on clients since they overbooked.

This is a perfect opportunity to be close to those who have established themselves and be working with them or for them. This is a fool-proof method of getting you close or if not helping you in hunting meat for your business.