Are Gaming Companies Releasing Under Developed Games?

It is very, very true that video games are one of the best ways to relax yourselves. They provide more relief from stress than most other devices. Though it is true that playing games for long hours can harm or strain your eyes, but a little of it is actually quite beneficial. Other than that, it would also help you clear your thoughts and in the process, it can help you concentrate harder on your work when you eventually do get back to it. Most games are really attractive and they have a nice storyline that you would really love. You would totally get addicted to the modern games once you play them.

Irresponsibility on the part of the gaming companies

Though games have become hugely popular today, there are obviously some issues that you cannot overlook. Apart from being critical about the game content, there is something more grave that goes unnoticed most of the times. Most of the popular gaming companies have released half finished products over the years and get away with it. They also keep on using the same engines as previous years. Though this seems perfectly fine, only up to the time that they bring some huge twist in the content and modify the flaws in the previous models. But that is not what is happening. What are the reasons of such atrocities when game lovers spend huge money on them? There is also the pay to play model that is really bothering.

Let us look at the reasons why this is the case. Why aren’t game companies paying proper attention?

The Affluent Gamers – Most of the gamers like to squander money by trying out the new games that are launched. And that is why most companies know that they will earn back the money they have invested with huge profits. That is why even unfinished games also get a lot of income and publicity which should not have been so. The customers should be more careful before buying games and not accept products until they have been properly reviewed. This will stop the impetuous attitude of the gaming companies who bring such unfinished and sloppy products to the market.
Tough Deadlines – There is also the theory that the publishers give tough deadlines and schedules that are really difficult for the developers to keep. There are lots aspects of a game to be developed, including graphics, sounds and various other factors. There is also the storyline and creativity that has to be portrayed. If the developers do not get enough time, it is not possible to launch a product with its full capabilities and this is so in most of the cases.

Ridiculous Marketing Ideas – The games are launched just before holiday seasons to boost sales. This is another reason why there is a huge sale of the games even if they are not well developed. Also, this causes the publishers to schedule the making of the game accordingly.

All these factors are really affecting the making of the games. And this is happening mainly because of the stupidity and carelessness of the general public and buyers. If they are more patient and buy the game only after they have been properly reviewed by an expert, the atrocity of these companies will be kept in check.