Busting the Myth that SEO is Dead in 2017

There has been an ongoing conversation as to whether SEO still works, with a good number of people terming it a dead approach. Well, Search Engine Optimization is still of importance to companies and brands seeking effective approaches that increases their product’s visibility.

We’re all aware of thousands of companies that offer similar products. It’s thus imperative for firms to take effective measures to ensure their products stand out from the rest. It is at this juncture that SEO comes into play.

Search Engine Optimization is basically a technique used by companies and brands to not only optimize their websites but also their social media platforms in a bid to rank high at the search results. These practices include; keyword optimization, link building, web design and much more.

The big question is SEO worth it? The answer is simple: yes! Algorithm changes rewards quality content, leading some people to believe that SEO doesn’t matter. We all agree that high-quality content is important for building customers’ confidence and trust, but one thing we need to understand is that it’s the same SEO that helps researchers to find published content.
This article is going to guide you as to why Search Engine Optimization is still relevant in 2017:

Content Visibility is Dependent on SEO

As noted earlier, content visibility primarily depends on SEO. Your precious time and effort could go into waste if you’re busy creating content that will eventually fail in search engines. SEO ensures that your high-quality content gets the visibility it deserves.

Internet Browsing is Primarily via Search Engines

People search information on the internet via search engines. This is the primary method of finding information. It is thus important for your product and services to be ranked high in the results. According to Google, the leading search engine, over 40,000 search queries are processed every second. So how can one connect with potential customers that search for information on various products and services? Well, through search engine optimization solutions

The Role of Keywords

Different search engines have different ways of processing keywords. Gone are the days when keyword stuffing was the norm, it now comes with penalties. Keywords are still of relevance as long as one knows how to use them properly.
The following are some of the tips one may use to come up with keywords that will create more traffic;

• Use long-tail keywords
• Integrate keywords naturally
• Use keyword tools

Having discussed all this, the bigger picture here is where the industry is heading. A solid SEO plan is very important to a company focusing to remain relevant within the ever growing competitive market. Search Engine Optimization helps in meeting customers’ needs through searching of relevant information available on the internet.

Companies should continue striving online by publishing meaningful content that can be of importance to their client’s needs. The approaches to SEO are rapidly changing – and this can prove to be quite hard in keeping up with the emerging trends and updates. However, there is one guarantee: search engines will continue rewarding quality content thus bringing SEO technique into the picture. Search Engine Optimization undoubtedly has a bright future ahead.