How is management changing in corporations and SMEs in 2018 compared

The year 2018 represent innovative and bold moves for corporations and SMEs. As compared to a decade ago, corporations and SMEs are embracing social learning as a way of developing their employee’s talent and keeping them connected outside their offices. Social learning encompasses peer social interaction. Social learning has brought engagement, self-direction and autonomy. Corporations and SMEs are using the social learning tool that support coaching and monitoring which leverage on the internal expertise organically. A decade ago, companies and SMEs used to offer online courses which lacked engagement isolated the learner and the learner felt lonely.

As compared to a decade ago, 2018 has seen the change in the way marketing has been done for many years. Corporations and SMEs are using live streaming videos to engage with the customers. Through love streaming videos, corporations and SMEs launch their products run business to business webinars, stream product reviews. Today, marketing managers are embracing live streams as part of their business strategy for marketing products. A decade ago corporations and SMEs used generic and interpersonal marketing. Interpersonal marketing is limited to geography; it is more expensive and takes more time.

Today, corporations and SMEs are embracing block chain technology to manage their documents and transactions. Block chain technology has improved efficiency, traceability, transparency and security of the organization documents and transactions. Through block chain technology, manufacturers and designers are able to accommodate through –life management of their products which makes more effective.A decade ago, corporations and SMEs used title searches and documents authentication which disrupted their businesses.

As compares to a decade ago, 2018 companies are embracing live interactions over the social media with the communities. Facebook interactions have proven to be very effective to many companies. Live interactions have increased brand loyalty. Social media interactions are proofing to improve relationship between the company and the consumers. Live social media interactions have enabled corporations and SMEs reach consumers across a wide geographical area. A decade ago, corporations and SMEs used traditional means of interacting with customers like road shows which proofed to be expensive and reached a small geographical scope.

In the year 2018, corporations and SMEs are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) to process large amount of data to perform redundant and more reputable tasks. Where organizations are using (AI), machines run independently with little human intervention. There is machine learning, deep learning where the machines learn chains together for rich learning. Companies and SMEs are using Google map to obtain real time data from the consumer’s mobile phones. GPs insights are being adopted by companies for shortening the schedule for the companies in the telecommunication industry. The municipalities are today AI to quickly respond to emergencies. A decade ago all these tasks were performed by humans. The use of (AI) by corporations and SMEs has eliminated the need for a big workforce which has saved the organization cost and time. In the year 2018 we expect to see (AI) being adopted by many corporations and SMEs across the globe.