The 10 Best Underrated Series You Should Watch

Winter has come and with the upcoming cold weather, there will be more time for indoor activities as well as watching series that you missed during the summer.

If you’ve already watched all the episodes of Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, and The Walking Dead, don’t bother – here are the 10 best Underrated Series, you can start watching now.

#10 Happy endings

Following the example of one of the most popular TV shows, Friends, the sit-comedy Happy Endings shows the beginning of an adult life of six friends from Chicago and highlights why no matter what life throws at you, with the help of the dearest friends, you will be able to go through it.

#9 Young Sheldon

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will definitely be interested in the series, that shows the life of one particular character of the previous show – yes, ladies and gentlemen, the series presenting the childhood years of the genius, socially awkward and funny Sheldon is here and it certainly will make you laugh after a long day of work.

#8 The Great British Bake Off

Even if the first episode of the show debuted in 2010, you should really take some time to watch this delicious… umm.. sorry, interesting real tv series, organized around the passion for sweets and baking. In the show participate ten British amateur bakers, who compete with each other in order to win the acknowledgment of the judges and become broadly known as great bakers.

#7 Star Trek: Discovery

Lovers of Star Trek series have finally received another scientific-fictional series, that shows the beginning of USS Discovery discovering outer space.

The particularity of the show is that the main character is a woman, Sonequa Martin-Green (also seen in the popular TV Series The Walking Dead).

The show still features some main characteristics of Star Trek, where completing a mission is the main goal, but at the same time taking a more modern approach with unvailing bit by bit the bigger picture and story plot behind it.

#6 Taboo

A masculine, full of testosterone series, that will amaze those ready for some action and interested in the world before the all-present technology.
The show is happening in early 1814 on the territory of England, where the main character, Hardy, goes to war. The character is well-played by Tom Hardy, who mixes tension with humor, sometimes even at his own expense.

#5 The Sinner

The series that came out the past summer, will definitely leave you tense and interested in watching all the episodes at once, just to know the ending.
With Jessica Biel starring as the main character, the series starts with the crime she commits, as she stabs an apparently innocent man to death, in front of her husband and child.
A mix of retrospection to Cora’s dark past while investigating her motive, make the viewer interested in what will happen next.

#4 Big Mouth

If you’re more into cartoons than series and are searching for the perfect cartoonish, yet humorous show, look no further!
Don’t be fooled by the story, that presents five friends going through all the troubles of puberty.
The main character is presented through the voice of Nick Kroll and his comedy inserts, therefore it is not made so much for children, as it is for adults.

#3 Glow

Taking us back to 1980, Glow is a series that will catch your attention with hilarious performances and funny, 80’s style outfits. Alison Brie has taken the main role in this series that represents women wrestling – a “man’s” sport with girl drama.
We’re on it! And it’s great if you don’t have much time, because each episode takes only 30 minutes.

#2 Imposters

Another one of the newest, underrated series, that mixes crime with comedy. The plot of Imposters could easily refer to a real-life situation, as it shows a young, intelligent and beautiful woman, that takes advantage of men and women by marrying them and leaving them without a single penny.

After three of her previous victims connect in order to catch her, the series gets more and more interesting.

#1 Big Little Lies

It is a mix of Pretty Little Liars and Desperate Housewives and at the same time far from both.
Featuring some of the best female actresses, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley, the series starts with showing the unflawed life of three successful mothers.
But the story quickly gets an unexpected turn, as they become involved in a murder.

These were just some of the underrated series, you can watch this winter.
Now all you need is some hot chocolate and popcorn, and you’re ready to go!